Professional Experience 2003-2020

Piraeus Municipal Conservatory - Acting Teacher.
Ant1 Media Lab - Public Speaking Teacher.
Public Speaking Seminars. Stage Performance Seminars.
Personal Vocal & Acting Coaching for artists and public speaking.
Performer and producer – Cotemporary opera, musical-theater and theater productions, opera and musical concerts.

Education Seminars

Opera studies at Athenaeum Maria Callas Conservatory.
Musical Theater studies at Athens National Conservatory.
Acting studies at Municipal Acting School “IAKOVOS KABANELLIS”.
Opera Masterclasses and Acting Workshops.

Vocal & Acting Coaching

Voice Training Method
“Acting skills for Vocal Technique” by Christina Tsimbri
Artists – Public Speaking
Vocal & Acting Coaching
Audition - Stage Performance
Vocal & Acting Coaching
Public Speaking
Οnline Vocal & Acting Coaching
Artists – Public Speaking
Coaching for an effective project preparation and stress management
Vocal & Acting coaching
Daily wellness and stress management
"Vocal & Acting Coaching by Christina Tsimbri, is a holistic coaching method, for artists, public speakers and daily wellness. The combination of vocal and acting exercises, is a creative and constructive practice for mind, body and voice harmonic cooperation. With vocal and acting skills, you will be able to feel confident with yourself, and you’ll learn to use stress as an advantage."

Christina Tsimbri


  • Apostolis Aivalis
    "Mrs Tsimbri undertook 30 c-level executives and managed to change the way  of using their voice and posture. With her vocal and acting coaching, she helped us to improve our public speaking skills. It would be a pleasure to work with her again".
    Apostolis Aivalis
    CEO, KnowCrunch - Public Speaking
  • Vassilis Mastorakis
    "During the Seminar, Mrs Tsimbri, presentented exceptional skills of effectiveness to each participant's way of singing and performing.
    Vassilis Mastorakis
    Director of Piraeus Municipal Conservatory
  • Anna Saroukou
    "Christina coached me with a unique way and we were able to discover  the core of my "blockings". Together we explored my connection with every note. Every melody revealed new parts of myself, which made me feel free with my singing".
    Anna Saroukou
    Contemporary songs
  • Lida Dimitriadi
    Apart from the in-depth knowledge of the vocal and acting technique, Christina's great advantages were her understanding for my needs, and her positive energy. She made me to bring out the best of me without stress or pressure. A new world opened up for me, that I could have never imagined. I remember my last audition, that I was feeling free, enjoying what I was doing. That was the most important achievement for myself. Christina thank you!".
    Lida Dimitriadi
  • Stefania Tsamantaki
    "Christina's coaching with acting exercises made me to transform my stress into a positive energy and my voice was more free. Her love for what she's doing, and her professionalism was the combination to succeed the goal we had set for my opera exams".
    Stefania Tsamantaki
    Opera repertoire
  • Afrodite Loy
    "I knew that Christina is also an actress, but I didn't know that she uses acting exercises for vocal coaching! I got  excited with her method. Apart from singing, I learned a lot about myself, and I feel more free than ever in all aspects of my life".
    Afrodite Loy
    Contemporary songs
  • Fanis Katehos
    "With Christina I managed to discover vocal abilities, that I didn't know I had. Together we found the core of my body and vocal "blockings".  I practiced a lot in a very creative way, and now I feel more free and self-confident with my performances".
    Fanis Katehos
  • Nikos Kotenidis
    "While I was coached by Christina,  I learned a lot about theater. I learned how to prepare a role and how to give meaning to the words. These whole process made me feel more free with my voice. With her coaching and mostly with her love and devotion, I discovered acting skills for my performances, for which I'll thank her forever".
    Nikos Kotenidis